Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bookish Goals for 2013 Revisited: We're halfway through the year already? What is this madness?

After today June is over, as is the first half of 2013.  To mark this passing of time, I thought I'd post another update on my bookish goals that I set for 2013 all the way back in January.  My previous recap post can be found here.  The original post was part of Top Ten Tuesday which, as always, is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

1. Stop ordering so many books from the library. 
I'm still using the system!  It's working, but because I've had a few weeks where I've been away and not had so much time to read, I seem to end up with a backlog of library books.  Hopefully things will quieten down in the next few months and I'll get back on track.
2. Read more books from our own bookshelves.
I've read 2.5 of my own books in the past 3 months.  Not so good.  I'm thinking of maybe laying off the library orders for a month in order to read some of my recent purchases that have been left strewn across the house. 
3. Update blog at least three times a week. 
Currently I'm averaging about 3.9 posts a week, not to mention that I've already passed my total of blog posts from last year!  The posts may not always be reviews, but I still try to share book-type things that happen to me during my week.
4. Purchase more books from independent shops
I've got a book on order from Topping & Company and I bought two books from Foyles this past week.  You may argue that Foyles isn't really an independent shop.  However, they are based in London, with only one store outside of the city in Bristol.  Therefore, my purchases can be added to my non-Waterstones/WHSmiths/supermarket tally. 
5. Try to read and finish a book on my KindleFire. 
I'm currently having a break from my Kindle to give my eyes a rest.  I finished Mila 2.0 and Ink, and have a few more galleys lined up, but unlike everyone else in my family I can't get the brightness setting right on my device, which results in hurty eyes. No fun.
6. Find a YA with absolutely no romance! 
I think I've only read one more YA without any romance since my last post. Other than Code Name Verity, every YA I've read in the past 3 months has been pretty romance heavy.  If anyone could point me in the direction of some non-ro YA, it would be much appreciated!
7. Embrace the book blogging community and comment on other people's blogs more. 
I try.  I still struggle, but I try and this is something I can constantly improve on.
8. Recommend books to friends, and don't be afraid to lend them to friends.  
Got my books back from Lucy!  She loved Ready Player One and has been spreading the word to make sure more people read Ernest Cline's delightfully geeky quest novel.  I now need to develop confidence into imposing books onto other people!  I'm always worried that they wont like what I've recommended; although I'm starting to think that even if they don't enjoy the book, it would lead to a good discussion as to why.
9. Do something on World Book Night. 
I failed miserably on this one!  Nothing was done by me this year for World Book Night.  I'm determined that if there's a book that I'm passionate about on the giving list next year then I will get involved somehow!  Moving forward from my failure, I'm going to set a new goal: 9. Write at least 2 reviews a week.  I know I can do this one, but sometimes I find writing down my opinions ridiculously hard.  Mainly because I have plenty of thoughts while reading, and then they all disappear or sound stupid when I get to the computer.
10. Read more.
I'm still aiming for quality over quantity with this goal.  I'm broadening my genre scope, even if I'm still a paranormal girl at heart.  In the last month alone I've read something from: Classics, SF, Literature, Crime, Horror, YA and Bio.  As long as I'm reading well written books and interesting books then I'm a happy camper!

How has 2013 been for you?  Have you kept to your goals?  Have you rebelled against them?  Let me know!    

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  1. I think it sounds like you're doing pretty awesome with your goals! Except maybe reading from your own shelves, but I suck at that too. I'm doing a LITTLE better at it because I'm reading more classics that I already own, but otherwise it's pretty shameful.

    Here's to a good second half of the year! *cheers*