Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Top Ten Books When You Need Something Light & Fun

Top Ten Tuesday Time again!  This meme is hosted by the folks over at The Broke and The Bookish.  This week the topic is books I turn to when I need something light and fun.  I normally head straight for trashy ghost written bios (*cough* I've read all of Tori Spelling's books *gets out the MIB memory eraser*) as I find them incredibly easy to read.  However, I also really like odd ball fiction, travelogues and foodie books when I need to give the old noggin a bit of a rest. I couldn't be bothered with photographs this week, so if it doesn't look instagramed, then the image comes from goodreads!
1. Etiquette & Espionage - Gail Carriger
Spies, boarding school and a mechanical dog named Bumblesnoot: what more could you possibly want?
2. Hell Train - Christopher Fowler
I think the name says it all.  Just don't take this one too seriously, or expect too much, and you'll have a hoot reading it.  Just saying the title puts a smile on my face!
3. Bossypants - Tina Fey
Now when I say I like trashy ghost written bios, I'm hoping Bossypants isn't one of them because I can hear Tina Fey talking directly to me when I read.
4. Bad Monkeys - Matt Ruff
So the ending isn't necessarily light, but Bad Monkeys was so much fun!
5. Any of the Rizzoli and Isles series - Tess Gerritsen
While the subject matter may not be everyone's fun and fluffy, I can easily get through a Gerritsen book in a morning.
6. I Remember Nothing - Nora Ephron
This is a collection of various articles that Ephron wrote during her career and it's delightful.  Also see I Feel Bad About My Neck.
 7. Buffy Season 8
Buffy is like my comfort blanket.  When I feel horrible I'll start up a marathon or get some of the graphic novels out from the library. If only I had my own copies...
8. America Unchained - Dave Gorman
Really, any of Gorman's books are great if you need something fun.  My favourite part in this one is when Dave goes crazy if he gets anywhere near the Mormons.
9. Eat My Globe - Simon Majumdar
I love reading about food!  I find it fun to eat vicariously through others.
10. Any Women of The Otherworld Series - Kelley Armstrong
Werewolves are fluffy, right?

 What was on your list this week?  Any recommendations for me?

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  1. Good lord Eat My Globe sounds amazing. Foooooood.

    And hooray for Bossypants! I love Tina Fey.