Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bad Blogger

I'll be the first to say it:  I have been a bad blogger so far this month.  The lack of any blog goings on has been due to me being out and about for the majority of the past two weeks.
Over the long Bank Holiday weekend I went on a trip to London with my family.  We did all the normal touristy things, visiting the V&A, the Science Museum and the Tower of London, but I also managed to lead my family to the enormous Waterstone's near Piccadilly Circus, mwhahaha!
Let it be said that I wish that Waterstone's Norwich would magically transform into Waterstone's Piccadilly.  I know space is an issue, but the Piccadilly branch had such a great Horror/SCI FI/Fantasy section (there were two entire bookshelves just for imports) and there were plenty of books that were included in the Buy One Get One Half Price offer.  Compare this to Norwich, where on Sunday only FOUR books in the same section were included in the offer.  I wish they'd be braver and include different books in their promotions as this would encourage customers to read outside of their comfort zone.  Currently, they only put the offer on generic fiction that I can pick up anywhere else for the same price, if not cheaper.
On the way back from London we took a detour to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  Although busy, it was still all kinds of awesome.  The website says that visitor should take about three hours to look round everything.  In the end, we were there for five!   

I was home for an evening before having to set off the next day to visit my best friend Keri, who lives in Ely.  The main reason for the visit (other than seeing her and her new house) was to go to a book event where Audrey Niffenegger was promoting her new book Raven Girl.
 Niffenegger was fantastic (this sounds creepy, but she has a lovely voice), reading the first part of Raven Girl and then answering audience questions before going on to sign copies of her books.  So, yeah, I got to meet the author of one of my favourite books!  I just about managed to say my name and that was it.  Never in my life did I think I would be attending one of her book signings, nor did I ever think it would be remotely local.  I wish I could go to the ballet, on which the book accompanies, but at the moment it's looking rather unlikely.  I have held off reading Raven Girl yet, but here are some pics of my new favourite possession!

At the pace I'm currently at, a review will surely be up in a few months :)   Other than going to Matt's last weekend, that's all folks!  I'll try and be a better blogger, I *fingers crossed behind back* promise.


  1. Life happening is a good thing :-) Enjoy it! And then when things settle down and get nice and boring come back and tell us more about it, because that HP Studio Tour sounds AWESOME.

    1. Thanks, you've made me feel a bit better :) I like being boring because that means all day reading sessions wearing my PJs! If only I could wear them all the time!

      HP was really cool. Only thing is I wanted to touch all the things but that's sort of forbidden! Will post some more pics up at a later date :)