Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Greetings from an Absent Blogger

You know when I said that I would be a better blogger?  Yeah, I lied.  I have been reading; just not anywhere near my computer.  Instead, I've been reading outside, normally somewhere near the sea, as Matt and I took a last-minute holiday to Croatia!  Our trip was lovely, as we haven't been abroad together for nearly two years, and where we were staying in northern Istria was beautiful.  Thought I'd share some of my photos, although I'm going to have to raid Matt's as his were always better!

 View from our window.
 Down one of the little side streets in Rovinj
 Steps to the tattoo parlour in Rovinj
 Rovinj.  I climbed up that bell tower.  All 200 rickety wooden steps.  That was an experience!
 This sums up what normally happens on holiday!  Matt explores while I wait to see if it's safe!
 Waiting for the boat back to the mainland
 My ice-cream in Pula.  Plus my Coke with my Croatian name. Hah! 
 Matt walking around the Amphitheatre in Pula
View of Porec (and if you squint, our hotel) from the island of St Nikola

We got back yesterday, but I'm off again up to Matt's as he's got another week off work.  So don't expect much by way of blogging from me for yet another week.  I'm determined to get back into the swing of things upon my return though! 

P.S. Although that determination may waiver for a little longer.  Why you ask?  The new Arrested Development episodes have been released and I can't watch them until I get back.  It's a miracle I'm going to Matt's this week.  I may have even uttered, "I've made a huge mistake".  It's only show I know, so I'm going to have to wait a little longer until I can be reunited with my beloved Bluths.


  1. Your trip sounds lovely!!! Just have fun and relax and your blog will be here when you get back :)

    1. Thanks! Apart from the sun that seemed to defy sun cream and all the unexpected hay fever (damn you itchy eyes!), we had a really good time!