Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A Weekend of More Books

So, you know how I bought myself a copy of  Justin Cronin's The Twelve on Saturday?  Well the buying didn't stop there.  That afternoon, while waiting for Matt to finish work, I bought myself a new dress (that I've currently got no occasion on which to wear it, but who cares? Apart from maybe my bank balance...) and I got Matt a hardback copy of The Great Gatsby that looks like this:
In the evening, he bought me Lauren Beukes new book The Shining Girls, which was a steal at £5.  Having to explain to Matt and his family that it has nothing to do with the movie was rather amusing.
The next day I got a pair of shoes to go with my dress, plus Teri Terry's Slated and Fractured!

On a non-bookish note, we also went to see Iron Man 3 on Monday which was fantastic!  Why isn't Guy Pearce in more movies?  Or why am I not watching the movies that he's in?  Anyway, that was my weekend.  I should get around to reading all of these sometime this year...     


  1. Lovely copy of The Great Gatsby :)

    I can't wait to see Iron Man 3! Hoping to this weekend.

    1. Hope you enjoy Iron Man if you get to see it! I was easily pleased as it's set around Christmas time and Guy Pearce and of course RDJ! Simple things to keep me happy!