Sunday, 7 February 2016

Gold Fame Citrus

Gold Fame Citrus is a strange tale.  Although they are already damaged when we are introduced to them, no-one in this speculative tale survives the journey unharmed.

Upon reading the first few pages, I was completely intimidated by Watkins' use of language.  However, once I settled into the rhythm of her prose, I found Watkins choice and structure to be completely on-point, with each sentence actualising and emphasizing the arid, desolate, land that her story takes place in.

The characters are well drawn, with their flaws on display for everyone to see.  The sections that take place within the cult are more disturbing than the description of how the American government allowed  the South West to be devasted by drought and the sand storms that followed.  Although when reading, I felt as lost as Luz, I was also angry at her for falling for Levi and the rest of the commune.

The ending does not provide any real resolution, and I was not expecting one as this is not the sort of book to provide any closure for the reader.  If you like dystopian tales with a more literary slant and unlikeable characters, then Gold Fame Citrus will be the book for you.

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