Sunday, 31 January 2016

Bookshop Book Haul

I had a couple of weeks post-Christmas break where I didn't pick anything up from the bookshop, with my 2 damaged paperbacks per week allowance going unused. Unfortunately for Matt, the dry spell didn't last long and I blew through my allowance this week and I have surplus books on the reserved shelf behind the till waiting to be taken home.

 My first pick of the week was Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman which I picked up because I loved the cover. Yes, I am shallow.  Look at how blue it is!  Although I also picked Challenger Deep because the of the split blurb, with the main character living what I assume to be a dual life between his inner self and outer self.  I had a look on Goodreads and Challenger Deep has quite a few high ratings so this may be my next fiction read.

The second pick of the week was Planetfall by Emma Newman.  I've heard of Emma Newman, and I think my mum has read Newman's The Split Worlds trilogy published by Angry Robot, but I've never fancied reading one of her books myself.  This was until I read the back of Planetfall, saw the words "3-D printer engineer" and took the book straight to the till to be stamped.

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