Sunday, 28 July 2013

M is for Magic

M is for Magic is a fun book of short stories that are a good introduction to Neil Gaiman's unique writing style. 

While the collection didn't contain any stories that I found completely dull, which is often the case in anthologies, there were two standouts that have stayed with me long after I had finished M is for Magic.

The first short The Case of Four and Twenty Blackbirds, is a brilliant fairy-tale character crime noir that induced plenty of laughs and Gaiman had perfectly captured the voice of a 1920's detective narrative.

Another standout for me was the short, somewhat ambiguous, yet nonetheless creepy Don't Ask Jack.  In fact, quite a few of Gaiman's stories benefit from withheld information.  For example, just where did those girls come from in How To Talk to Girls At Parties?

Another thing I liked about M is for Magic is that it was the right size! With 11 stories that vary in length, although none reaching novella proportions, I found that I could fit in reading a short before getting back to other errands that I had to complete.  It was perfect "just in case I finish all the other books I have with me" while I was round Matthew's a couple of weeks ago, and provided a momentary distraction from job applications!

So give it a go, there's a one in eleven chance that you'll find a story you like!

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