Friday, 26 July 2013

It's Not You, It's Me: Soon I Will Be Invincible

If I had started reading Soon I Will Be Invincible at any other time, then maybe, just maybe, I would have an actual review to share.  Instead, I started reading Austin Grossman's spin on superheroes just as some big life decisions were in the process of being made - which may have a negative effect upon this blog, but that's for another post -  resulting in my head being all over the place at the moment (no it hasn't detached itself from my body a la J.D's floating head, more just a lot of thinking and circles).

I know it sounds weird, but I just couldn't latch onto the story.  For a week I was forcing myself to try and read Soon I...and at the most I would only manage about 10 pages at a time, not really taking in what was happening.

So I did something that I haven't done in a while.  I decided to return Soon the library unfinished.  I feel guilty that I haven't stuck it out to the bitter end, but right now I need a book that will let me escape from the current madness; a narrative that will anchor me into the story and not let my mind go until the last word.  Here's hoping my next book choice will do that for me.  


  1. Hmmm, I DNF-d You by Austin Grossman, I couldn't really get into it either. Maybe he's just one of those authors.

    Hope your real-life stuff is going okay though!

    1.'s either that or I'm not a superhero book person. I liked Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher, but had the same sort of concentration problem.

      Thanks, it's going...not sure if it's okay but I hope it will all sort itself out in the end and I can stop worrying and start enjoying reading and such!