Monday, 12 September 2011

Warm Bodies

I urge any fan of the supernatural genre to read Issac Marion's Warm Bodies.  This is not the usual zombie wants brains, rampaging the world, gore fest.  I didn't think a different take on Zombies could be skillfully done, but boy was I wrong.  Warm Bodies is a love story between a girl and a zombie.

Of course for this to happen R can't be like other zombies.  Already showing indications that he is something special (he has a name and he can speak)  R goes out for a snack and ends up saving a girl named Julie.  Events from there onwards spiral out of control and make for what has been the most interesting book I have read this year.  I loved the zombie hierarchy, (the bonies were terrifyingly funny) the settings of the abandoned airport, everyday bits and pieces of mordern life that have been mutated to fit a post apocalyptic setting.  Marion managed to take everything I loved from Max Brook's World War Z and from any generic Vampire love story I have I ever read and twist it into this beautiful story.

I hope there will be a sequel.  However, another part of me thinks that Warm Bodies is perfect as is and can stand alone without any continuation.  Hopefully, it will still be on book shelves in twenty years time.  Unless there's been a zombie invasion.

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