Sunday, 11 September 2011

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight

Having been an avid Buffy fan since I was ten years old, it made sense that I should delve into the graphic novels.  After the disappointment from reading Nancy Holden's Queen of The Slayers, I was expecting something in the same vein.  However, I do own Angel: After the Fall vol.1 + 2, which take place after the events of the series finale of Angel and I like them (so far), so I was quietly hoping Buffy Season eight would be the same.

Unlike Queen of the Slayers, we join the Scooby gang a couple of years after the series finale, with Buffy in Scotland, the head of a massive slayer army that has outposts all over the world.  S8 upped the ante.  I've read articles that confirmed my suspicions that the writers who had been used to the confines of a television series, had  now gorged themselves on all the possibilities that a comic could offer them.  Nearly everyone from the television series makes an appearance, including characters considered to be long gone, and the story takes us all over the world, into other dimensions and then takes us on a joyride to the future too.  This of course means that Fray can finally have another outing, which was very much welcomed in this household.  I had a couple of moments of 'Why on earth would you do that?!?' but as an uber fan I was glad I could return to the world I grew up with an hour each week.  Season 9 promises to be even better, going back to basics with Buff living in San Francisco, getting her life on track and just fighting vampires like any slayer should.  Here's hoping that Whedon and Co. keep up the good work.

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