Friday, 2 September 2011

The Passage

Firstly, there was a lot of hype surrounding Justin Cronin's 'vampire' novel upon it's initial release.  A brilliant strategy of the publishers made sure I knew the basic outline of what was said to be the greatest vampire epic to date. For me this was mainly through all the pre-promotional bits and pieces that Waterstone's were filtering into my conscious.  Be it either an article in (what seems to be the now defunct) Books Quarterly or a free, and very large, pamphlet containing the first few chapters.
  I took notice, but all this publicity pushed me into this line of thought: if a book has been pushed so hard prior to official release, is it really any good?  The publishers who generate this type of 'buzz' are PAID to promote a novel and make sure that it becomes a best seller.  So, I ignored all those "pre-order for £10" deals, eventually forgetting about this supposed game changer when it disappeared from the front page of bookseller websites and then from their promotional tables in store.