Thursday, 9 February 2012

We need to talk about Kevin

We Need to Talk About Kevin is a close contender for my favourite book of all time.  Eva Khatchadorian is writing letters to her estranged husband trying to come close to figuring out why her 15 year old son turned into a mass murderer.  The past mingles with the present as Eva's memories move from discussions on whether or not to have a child to noticing disturbing behaviour in said child, to her now monthly prisons visits.

As soon as I finished, I had the urge to talk to some one about it and find out what they thought.  When I read the first chapter I was unsure as it was so verbose but once I settled into the novels rhythm I hardly noticed anymore and if anything those big words added to Eva's character.  Is Eva to blame?  Or has Kevin been evil since birth?  While there are no definitive answers I have been very tempted to buy my own copy, once my reading schedule lets up, so I can scour the pages for more clues towards the correct answer.

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