Thursday, 9 February 2012

Second Grave on the Left

After the initial chapters, which are heavy with exposition and previously... moments, Second Grave on the Left hits its stride with a clever mystery at the core.  I managed to forget about what I hated in Jones' previous offering First Grave on the Right and enjoyed reading Darynda Jones' second offering about a female Grim Reaper.  Then that moment was spoiled with a cliched passage centering around a family in crisis.  Another thing I found frustrating were contradictions to the lore that Jones had established in the first book.  Charley's impeccable memory, which means she remembers being born and meeting Reyes for the first time, is re-mentioned within the first few chapters of SGOTL and then completely forgotten by page 156.  I understand that authors often contradict themselves within their own series, but for it to happen in the second book of a planned series is worrying.
 Overall, it is a improvement.  I would perhaps recommend Second Grave on the Left without the "it has to be read to be believed" warning, and I may even pick up the next book, Third Grave Dead Ahead, which was released at the end of January.

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