Monday, 21 November 2011

Dark Matter: A Ghost Story

Set in 1937 and told through the diary of Jack Miller, Dark Matter is about a scientific expedition to the arctic which seems to be cursed from the offset.  One by one strange events cause men to leave the island, and even the locals, who provide transport from the mainland, are wary of island and try their best to dissuade the group from staying.  As the Arctic Winter descends upon Jack, so does the feeling that something else is out there.

As the nights are drawing in, and the temperature drops, I find that there is nothing better than settling down in a comfy chair with a good ghost story.  Michelle Paver's Dark Matter did not disappoint proving to be aatmospheric, frustrating, and slightly scary.  It reminded me of Susan Hill's The Woman in Black, only the foggy marshes that surround Eel Marsh House have been replaced with an abandoned miners hut located on an isolated island of Gruhuken in the Arctic.  Highly recommendable, a quick but effective read.

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