Wednesday, 9 November 2011

13 Bullets

13 Bullets is the first part of David Wellington's Laura Caxton series.
In a world where Vampires once existed but have thought to have been eliminated, U.S Marshall Arkley dedicated his life to eradicating the vampire threat.  His last official case nearly killed him, so when there's the slightest evidence that there has been a resurgence he reluctantly recruits State Trooper Laura Caxton into helping him with his investigation.

Wellington's vision of what a vampire should be is akin to Justin Cronin's man made monsters in The Passage.  This is a horror story and these vampires aren't going to save a teen damsel in distress in return for her undying love.  With their Nosferatu appearance and super strength, Wellington reels off plenty of information about the mythology of his creatures without slowing down the story.
  It may not have the most original plot, but after a few years of reading books with neutered vampires it was a nice change to read something with a bit of bite.

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