Friday, 27 May 2011

A Tiny Bit Marvelous

Like a fool, I was hoping for a lot more from Dawn French's debut novel.  One of my main questions is: What about the dog named Poo?  She is on the front cover and on the back blurb and yet barely gets a mention within the bulk of the story.  I knew I should have stayed away and yet after reading Dear Fatty, I thought why not?  I like Dawn French, I like her writing style, maybe this will be great.  In the words of Dumbledore: alas.  To be mean, this debut novel is simply celebrity written chick-lit.  If you're looking for the same old observations on family life then this is the book for you.  A Tiny Bit Marvelous is a snapshot of  Mo, who is nearing her 50th birthday, her 17 year old semi plastic daughter Dora, and her son Peter who now only wants to be known as Oscar.   It didn't make me laugh, it just made me want to take it back to the library and demand my time back.  The only part I liked was Dad's narrative but he gets two pages!  TWO!  However if you like chick-lit, or a would like light holiday read then I'd be happy to say this is the book for you!

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