Friday, 15 April 2011

Enchanted the Life of Audrey Hepburn

Donald Spoto's biography is simply a detailed and enthralling read if you are an Audrey Hepburn fan like myself.  Hers was an interesting life that wasn't at all dominated by a need to be in the spotlight.  If anything, it was pure fate that Hepburn, who initially wanted to be a dancer, became a movie star.
The book is full of interesting facts, for example, how a young Audrey never had one base language and so this is why her accent was so distinct and different.  However, her personal life is not the sole focus.  Her various roles throughout her career are discussed in depth, with quotes from reviews added to provide a context.
From the 'other title' list at the beginning of the book, it seems that Spoto is a prolific biographer of old Hollywood and I would be interested to read another of his offerings if they can match this non judgmental, but still insightful, study of a true legend and her career. 

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