Friday, 15 February 2013

To Read Or Not To Read?

I thought I'd seen the last of Charley Davidson.  She was on my Top Ten Tuesday list of most frustrating characters.  I specifically said that I couldn't keep reading this series (see here for my review of the third book) as it would become 'hate reading'.  I don't actively go out to give a book a bad review because the author has spent a lot of time in crafting their story - I hope - and put themselves and their story out there into the world of readers.  I try very hard to be positive.  So I decided enough was enough, and that I would leave Charley behind and try to find something more to my liking. 

This was going well...until my mum ordered and read the fourth book.  She's told me that it's quite good and that I should read it.  I'm not so sure....Do I give this series one last chance?  Or do I return it to the library quickly and get back to my scheduled TBR pile?

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