Friday, 11 January 2013

I Hate Everyone...Starting With Me

I had such high hopes for Joan Rivers new book I Hate Everyone...Starting With Me.  Not in the 'this will be amazing' way but in the 'this will take a day to read and be totally trashy and I will love it' way.

Unfortunately, after the novelty wore off, I was bored to tears and struggled to make it to the end.  I think the problem lies in how the book is set up.  It's comprised of chapters set to different topics and then within the chapters are numerous sentences that begin with "I hate so and so and why..." and only a few are really funny.  I think that I Hate Everyone... should have been condensed into the type of read you'd find in the humour section of Watersones: a small book with only one of Joan's rants per page.  Then maybe the whole thing would of had some of that bite that I've come to expect from watching Joan on Fashion Police.
     I feel bad for not liking this book.  Yet, alas, after the first three chapters of the same thing, over and over and over again, I realised that I was extremely glad I didn't pay nearly £13 for a copy, as I think it would have ended up straight in the charity shop bag.  Thanks library for helping me dodge a bullet!

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