Wednesday, 3 October 2012

'You know you're just what I needeed....I needed someone to feed.'

I love food.  I love books.  So to find a good combination of the two is heaven for me, as you can read a chapter and then put the book down and then resume again days later for the next morsel.  After a bit of a 'down' weekend, I needed some cheering up and have the perfect two books on loan from the library to make me feel if not a little happier, a little hungrier also.

The Man Who Ate The World - Jay Rayner

What price indeed?  Fearlessly, and with huge wit and knowledge and verve, award-winning food writer Jay Rayner has searched the world for the perfect meal.  Sparing neither his wallet nor his digestive system, he has been to places, met people, and eaten things the rest of us can only fantasize about.  From Las Vegas and London to Moscow and Tokyo, the result is an enormously entertaining and informative romp through the world's best - and worst - restaurants.

Table Talk: Sweet and Sour, Salt and Bitter - A. A. Gill

Table Talk is an idiosyncratic selection of A.A. Gill's writing about food, taken from his Sunday Times and Tatler columns.  Sometimes inspired by the traditions of a whole country, sometimes by a single ingredient, it is a celebration of what great eating can be, an excoriation of those who get it wrong, and an education about our own appetites.  It spans a decade, focusing on A.A. Gill's general experiences with food rather than individual restaurants - food fads, tipping, chefs, ingredients, eating in town, country and abroad and the infinite variety of dining experiences.

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