Monday, 5 March 2012

Third Grave Dead Ahead

I wish that I liked this series as so many others seem to be enamored with the adventures of female grim reaper Charley Davidson.  There are pages where I do find myself intrigued and that's why I have persevered to read all three books in the series so far.  However, after finishing Third Grave Dead Ahead, I am certain that Darynda Jones has a writing style that is not to my taste. 

A good series makes sure to inform new readers of what has happened before, while at the same time still rewarding previous readers with new information.  Yet, with almost a third of the book rehashing what went on in the prior two novels, and a nearly identical plot to the Second Grave on the Left, the only redeeming feature of TGDA was the introduction of a biker gang and their dog Artemis. 

The biggest disappointment was the reveal as to why Owen Vaughn tried to run Charely over in high school; it was such a waste of a possible plot line that could have integrated itself into the main mythology of the series. Instead I was left questioning as to why it was included in the books to begin with.. 

Another sticking point, which I may be reading into too much, was what felt like a continual message throughout the series that it's okay for the men in your life to mistreat you.  Both Reyes and Charley's father betray her, enough so that she's gravely injured in both circumstances, but she makes excuses for them. Everything will be okay because she loves them and that notion doesn't sit well with me.  I think it is the main reason why this is the end of the road for me and Charley Davidson.  I can't help but think good riddance.

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