Monday, 16 January 2012

Happy (Belated) New Year!

So there wasn't too many posts before Christmas and there hasn't been many after either.  It isn't that I wasn't reading or writing, it's just that Holiday shenanigans took over. 
Giftwise, I was spoilt this year.  I got a few cookery books, that I may review at a later date, and a plethora of other gifts that included the annual family vacation.

Whilst on my trip to L.A, my family and I had a mall day.  Usually this consists of locating the nearest Borders so my mum can feed her addiction.  However, with their closure earlier this year it was uncertain as to where she would get her fix.  We visited 3 different locations and only one had a bookstore, tucked away in the back corner.  It was a great second hand place, which reminded me a lot of Felixstowe's very own Treasure Chest, just without the winding stacks and foreverness about the place.  There was a great selection, one book even had a Richard and Judy book club sticker on, and I managed to pick up three books for $3.23 which would probably equal to one book over here, so this pancake was chuffed. While it was great to find a store, it's scary to think a bookshopless town is probably where many places are headed.  I had decided to boycott Waterstones this year and instead buy/order books through Magpie, our local bookstore, which has been in town as long as i can remember.  This plan has now been scuppered as Magpie is closing down.  We have two other second hand stores and a Whsmith's but I can't help but wonder how long it will be until I'll have to rely on purchasing via the internet, especially with the constant threats to the funding of English libraries.

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