Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dancing With Darkness: Life, Death and Hope in Afghanistan

I had been going through a travel book phase, and this one had a beautiful cover as well as an interesting subject matter.  The book begins with the unsettling aftermath of one of the 7/7 attacks in London.  After her unsettling experience, Magsie Hamilton-Little is compelled to travel to Afghanistan to gain first hand knowledge of customs and culture in order to break the wall that both terrorism and the war has built around western cultures perception of the country.
   Some of the events stretched my belief in Hamilton-Little's reliability to the limit.  When describing them to my boyfriend he declared almost instantly that it was a bunch of hooey.  However, does it matter if it is fact or fiction?  The blurbs on the back are a little too enthusiastic, as I wouldn't say her writting style is effortless or poetic, but it proved an interesting and thought provoking read nonetheless.

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