Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Are you Dave Gorman?

How far would you go to win a bet?

If you're Dave Gorman, then you'd go all the way.  After a drunken 'lock in' with his flat mate Danny Wallace at his local London pub and a couple of adventures to Scotland later, it is decided that they have to find 54 other Dave Gormans.  This adventure takes them all over the country and abroad, while pushing them into obsession and has almost disastrous consequences for Dave's bank balance and for Danny's relationship.  

What I gathered from this book, and what I probably already knew, is that I don't really like Danny Wallace.  I think in that sort of situation I would be the Danny Wallace who was a complete downer on the whole process and not enjoying the moment up until the end, but I don't read a book to hear my inner thoughts - I read to escape my lunacy.  On the other side I love Gorman's writing style.  He had me when I watched America Unchained, as that type of journey is exactly what I love to do.  Maybe not the unchained part to the full extent but still a road trip where you shouldn't encounter anything to do with Mormons.

Back to AYDG? This book is fact that could perfectly have been concocted by a superb fiction writer (the only reason I believe it happened is because photos are included in the book) and it's bonkers.  Brilliant if you want to escape your own lunacy and enter the mad world of another.

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