Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Behaviour of Moths

This was my second attempt at reading this debut novel from Poppy Adams.  Having bought it in a birthday book spree, it was a pick because of it's striking cover and I faintly remember a recommendation from a friend.  The first time I attempted a read, it languished in my work bag for about three months and I only read about five chapters before I replaced it with another book.  It then was a staple in my hand luggage whenever I traveled, but again it was never picked up. After finally settling in to read it, I wasn't all that impressed.

I almost don't know how to describe it.  After her sister's return to their childhood (and almost Gothic) home, the lead character Ginny is recounting events that lead to their separation for countless years.
It fits in with my theme at the moment of non reliable narrators, but then how do we know that what an author ever writes for the character is entirely the truth?  It didn't answer enough questions for me personally, I was left wondering what happened to Aurthur, what really happened to Clyde and Maud and even Vivian.  I thought the reasons for the ending were flimsy but also somehow it got the character of Ginny where she needed to be.  Perhaps I should have used my own imagination to fill in the blanks, but it wasn't powerful enough to stay in my thought process for days after having finished it.

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